Friday, March 4th, 2011

“Tag Mirror” is back!

The much-loved, long-suspended “Tag Mirror” feature is back!

Your tag mirror is like your tag clouds, except that instead of seeing what you’ve tagged your books it shows what other members have tagged them. Sidelined because of speed problem, a series of database changes have made it viable again, without without extra caching. It’s not instant, but few users will find the speed insupportable.

Check it out:

And here’s the original blog post from back in 2007.

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  1. staffordcastle says:

    Hurray! This is splendid!

  2. cnrenner says:

    Great. Thanks. I missed it!

  3. nessreader says:

    Ooo, lovely. I find this ridiculously fascinating.

  4. FicusFan says:

    When will Tag Watch be back ????

  5. slick says:

    Thanks T.S. and team!

  6. Tulimeeria says:

    Great! Does this mean the much-loved, long-suspended Tag Watch will be back as well?

  7. Cathcartes says:

    Yeah! A great feature is back!

  8. Tallulah_Rose says:

    Yeah that is really great! The speed is endurable. Just good it’s back!

  9. utterlyutter says:

    So pleased about this. It’s the best feature of Librarything.

  10. Penny Marshall says:

    I am glad Web Mirror is back! I have a query about the not read tag. How is it determined? Many, most, all of my books listed as Not Read have been read but I don’t have the dates. Is this where Not Read comes from? If so, aside from putting in false dates how do we work around this? Please and thank you.

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