Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Bookpile contest winners picked!

We’re now ready to announce the winners of our Non-English bookpiles contest, but before I do that, I need to first award the prizes for what is definitely the longest-running bookpile contest in LibraryThing history.

The winner of the 30-million book/LT’s 3rd birthday bookpile contest (yes, we’re now almost at 60 million books and have just passed the 5.5-year mark) is Flickr member asperschlager for “Colorful Book Pile.” Email me to claim your prizes (a CueCat, an LT t-shirt, and a gift membership. Please email me ( to claim your prize.

LTer kristenmm takes the runner-up prize for her book pile, which contains “titles that I think describe LT itself, its users, employees, or features.” Email me to claim your gift membership, and we’re going to send along a t-shirt too.

Thanks to all those who submitted entries, and we do apologize for the delay. Better late than never, right?

Now, on to the main event! We asked members to submit images of non-English bookpiles, for use on the homepages of the various language versions of LibraryThing (from Dutch and Catalan to Russian and Japanese).

We received more than 100 excellent entries via Flickr (browse the photostream) and in members’ LT galleries, covering at least 23 separate languages (plus polyglot). See the full list of languages here.

The winning images, as well as selected other submissions for each language, will go into a rotation on the homepage, so that visitors and members might see a different image each time the page is loaded. We’ll be doing something similar for the main site as well. When we launch the new sites, they’ll look a little something like this (the Swedish site):

Now: the list of winners! If your name is here, please send me an email or a profile message (jbd1) with your choice of either CueCat or LT t-shirt (and if t-shirt, whether you’d prefer black or red, and what size), and your mailing address. If you won more than once, you can have a combination of your choosing!

I’ve linked the language name to the winning picture:

We had a few entries in other languages that were out of focus just wouldn’t work for the homepage piles; we’d still like to have images for these and the rest of the languages, so please feel free to send along additional bookpile pictures! If we end up using them, we’ll send along a t-shirt.

And finally, the overall winner, claimant of both a CueCat and a t-shirt, is elfo, for the beautiful Spanish book pile at left.

Thanks to everyone for your entries, and we’ll let you know when the new homepage versions go live!

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  1. elfo says:

    This was a great contest and I enjoyed it a lot 🙂

    I’m very glad that I won but, most importantly, I was rather amused at looking at every other bookpile that was sent in.

    So, do I get two t-shirts and a CueCat (both Spanish & overall)? This is awesome!


  2. Jeremy says:

    You do, indeed. Email me and let me know the size/colors(s) &c. And thanks for your entry!

  3. Anglemark says:

    Where’s the book pile for the polyglot winner? The only image on janter2’s Flickr page is a monoglot Dutch one (and it isn’t even tagged “polyglot”). Did you link to the wrong image by janter2?

  4. geitebukkeskjegg says:

    >so please feel free to send along additional bookpile pictures

    Where to send them, post competition?

  5. Brightcopy says:

    The pirate one is outstanding. But I am a little sad it didn’t include Cursed Pirate Girl.

  6. Varese2002 says:

    Thanks for picking me as one of the winners of the Dutch pile, it is great to win something. Personally I thought I had few chances when I saw the razor sharp book pile of janter2. Thanks!

  7. Alexios Zavras (zvr) says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! Great photos!

    Too bad mine didn’t get selected, even though I found no other photo for Greek pile. I assume that in the case of a single submission, it doesn’t really qualify as a contest…

  8. Jeremy says:

    zvr – We liked yours, but we couldn’t get it to crop right for the bookpile. Post another version (white background, titles all oriented toward the right edge of the image so that we can use them as a bookpile), and I’ll happily send you a prize!

  9. gamoia says:

    Mmm, the current image on the Catalan site isn’t a Catalan one. Any problem with the winning image?

  10. Jeremy says:

    gamoia – we haven’t made the new bookpile images live on the various sites yet. When we do, they’ll show up there! 🙂

  11. Anglemark says:

    You won’t get around to using the ployglot bookpile I made instead of the Dutch one, will you? 🙁

  12. Kiriane says:

    Oh this is interesting. The Chinese book pile contains what looks like one basic reader and three C-E dictionaries (one of which is also E-C).

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