Monday, November 29th, 2010

SantaThing – sign up ends TODAY!

Have you signed up for SantaThing yet? You have until tonight (Monday, November 29th) at 8pm Eastern time. Less than 12 hours! Go now.

Sign up here. (Go to the page, and then click to pay with PayPal first, then go back to the sign up page, fill in your PayPal receipt ID and the rest of the info!) *

Tonight we’ll get busy with our fancy matching algorithms and give everyone a “Santee” (note, you’re not likely to be picking books for the person who’s picking for you–it’s not a straight back and forth thing).  Then tomorrow (or Wednesday, if it ends up taking longer) we’ll let you all know who to pick for, and the virtual book shopping can begin!

More info on the SantaThing page, or ask questions here.

*Remember, to participate you must have an address in one of the countries listed here.

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  1. Fey says:

    I remember how dejected I was last year because I couldn’t afford to join this. It appealed so much to the imp in me. Then just in the nick of time, a few days before signups closed, I managed to get some money. I signed up and was assigned secret santa to no other than the owner of this site. I spent several days anxiously browsing for books to gift him, knowing all the while he was too clever and high brow for me to match his taste. Still, I made some not too embarassing picks, I think, and I know they arrived safely. And what would you know it? He didn’t even thank me. I liked very much the book I received, and another person I played santa to was pleased with the books I got her, still, this snub left me with a VERY sour taste. So this year I sincerly hope all you fatuous people taking part in this santa thing get bombs in your packages.

  2. Jeff Beck says:

    Why were there no emails about this to members? I wanted to participate for a third year in a row but never knew when the signup was.

  3. Lorle says:

    When are the Sant Thing books shipped? I am so excited!!

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