Friday, March 12th, 2010

Hobnob with Authors

After much discussion, we’ve introduced the Hobnob with Authors group, a special place for authors and readers to mingle.

Of course, authors are welcome everywhere on LibraryThing. Authors can become LibraryThing Authors, which links their author and member pages and promotes them on their books and on the home page. Many authors participate in Early Reviewers and Member Giveaways. And authors also participate in our existing groups. We even have a special Author Chat group for organized author events.

But, encouraged as they are, we’ve also found a certain amount of static between some authors’ desire to promote their work, and the tendency for that to seem one-way, non-conversational advertising or even spam, both of which are against the site’s Terms of Service. Confronted with the request to avoid promotion, many authors expressed surprise that a book site would hinder their efforts to reach potential readers. Members were in turn divided on just how serious the problem was, the line between acceptable and unacceptable author posts, etc. The situation was sticky all around!

So, Hobnob with Authors was born, a “safe place” for authors to chat with readers, without fear of being accused of spamming. While some standards will be enforced, no reasonable author need worry. As a “Community Project” the group is prominent, and its posts will appear in Talk alongside other groups. But sensitive members will also be able to “ignore” the “Hobnob” group.

So, authors, you’re now free to shout to the rooftops all about the book you write. Excited readers will be waiting to hear about it. Join, watch or just read Hobnob with Authors, and support authors who help make LibraryThing what it is.

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  1. SqueakyChu says:

    Thank you, Tim and Sonya, from the bottom of my heart. I hope all authors will now feel very much at home here at LibraryThing.

  2. smarthotoldlady says:

    My next book, a novel, is due out soon; however, it has been written under a pen name as too many early readers assumed it was a roman a clef — that is a true story of my life, which it definitely isn't. My question is, can I discuss this book on Hobnob with Authors under my pen name? I am a Library Thing Author, but under my real name & my other books have been published under my real name. How can I log in as the author of the new novel using my pen name? Do I register for a separate account under that pen name,or can you keep track of both names as belonging to me?

  3. Patty says:

    Hobnob with Authors sounds like great idea, thanks for the link!

  4. esta1923 says:

    Whoever is "bushworlds" is a bother, not a friendly member.

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