Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Author chats…

LibraryThing has a number of ways authors and publishers can get into the LibraryThing thing, including LibraryThing Authors, Early Reviewers and pimping out author pages.

We are now cranking up the volume on another way: Author Chats.

Basically, Author Chats are a special group set aside for scheduled chats with authors. Chats are scheduled and time-limited, taking one or two weeks max. An author with a new book, or who just wants to connect with some fans, can sign up for a chat without feeling obligated to keep talking on LibraryThing month after month.

Abby and I recently reviewed what we’re doing with authors and publishers, and have decided to pump up Author Chats as much as we can. We’re going to be adding some minor features around them, like putting notices on work pages for the author. And I’ve just started a basic letter for members to adapt and send to authors and their publicists. I’ve also started a talk thread about this, so we can figure out the best way to get the message out and, frankly, to apply some pressure to publishers to cough up the goods!

Upcoming author chats. The two author chats starting this week aren’t household names, but might be worth a look.

Gene Healy. You want topical? We got topical! There’s a presidential election coming up, and Gene Healy‘s new book is title The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power.

The book is detailed critique of growing executive power under both parties. Healy is currently a vice president* at Cato Institute, a libertarian think-tank in Washington, DC. Is was also–and much more importantly–a friend of mine at Georgetown. I lost touch with him after graduation, so it was a wonderful surprise to turn over a book at Book Expo America and see a familiar face!

You can check out Gene’s book on LibaryThing, at Amazon (not, apparently on Booksense). Gene also has a blog.

If you want him now, or don’t like reading, there’s an excellent interview with Gene on C-Span’s Washington Journal, posted here. There’s another eloquent and very amusing C-Span appearance, in which he calls Teddy Rosevelt “one of the more ridiculous and obnoxious figures ever to occupy the Oval Office.”

On that note, the games begin! Here’s Gene’s author chat.

Dave Donelson. Dave Donelson is around to discuss his new novel, Heart of Diamonds: A Novel of Scandal, Love and Death in the Congo.

It’s an exciting romantic thriller about scandal, love, and death in the Congo. As the book cover copy reads, “Amid the bloody violence of the Congo’s civil war, TV reporter Valerie Grey uncovers a deadly diamond-smuggling scheme that reaches from Africa to the White House.”

More about the book on LibraryThing, Amazon. And check out the Heart of Diamonds webpage, where you can read the first two chapters of the book.

Dave, a library trustee, says that he’ll be happy to discuss the book, writing, or current events in Africa with the LibraryThing community.

Here’s Dave’s author chat.

And, of course, they’re just the new additions. There are five other chats going on right now:


*I think this means he takes over if the president dies.

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