Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Cover page changes

I’ve revamped each work’s “covers” page—a.k.a. “change cover”—to emphasize the higher-quality images among out 1,000,000 covers.

1. The images are bigger, so you can see quality, and because covers are so beautiful.
2. The algorithm now sorts larger covers higher, so that members are more likely to pick higher-quality versions of their cover. The existing sort order was reinforcing the use of low-quality images, even when LT had high-quality ones.
3. High-quality images now say “high quality” and list the original dimensions.

Here are some examples: The Odyssey, Pnin, The Kama Sutra, Pudd’nhead Wilson, Origin of Species, Life of Pi, Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

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  1. Chad Garrett says:

    I’m just going to guess this new sorting order does not apply to the new covers api. They still return the worst image first. I have yet to get anything over maybe 150 pixels wide on the large setting and many aren’t even the actual cover.

    What dimensions should I be able to get with the new covers api?

  2. Chad Garrett says:

    Better yet – an API request that gets the top 3 images for a book.

  3. Kaj Nielsen says:

    Over 20 bookcovers have been removed from my books. Why is that?


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