Friday, September 14th, 2007

Introducing Lindsey (and thanks to Cliff!)

Lindsey Nichols (LibraryThing: lindseynichols) just joined the LibraryThing team as our “assistant librarian”—bringing the total librarians on staff count up to two! She’s going to be helping us out part time from the “Boston office”,* helping with emails, answering questions, dealing with account issues, mailing out CueCats, and whatever else we decide to throw at her.

Lindsey in a nutshell: She got her library degree from Simmons, and also has an MFA in creative writing. Clearly, she should be contributing to Help in Haiku endeavor on the new WikiThing. Lindsey’s favorite authors include Shelley Jackson, George Saunders, Peter Matthiessen, and Carson McCullers. She enjoys baking, reading commodity histories, and viewing educational museum taxidermy. Also long walks on the beach.**

You can email Lindsey at lindseyAT

I also wanted to make sure that we thanked Clifford Vickrey (LibraryThing: dinner_bell), our excellent and tireless intern over the summer. Cliff was amazingly likeable*** guy, who refused to sit anywhere except on the floor, and was an excellent chauffeur in the pouring rain. Thanks to him. We’ve also decided to give his entire school (Colby) free LibraryThing accounts, so watch for news on that.****

*aka, Abby’s apartment
**ok, fine, I added that last part.
***so sayeth Tim
****We’re thinking of giving free accounts to students at a handful of schools (starting with our own alma maters, of course).

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