Monday, March 26th, 2007

LibraryThing on Second Life, a start

Yesterday’s hastily-announced Second Life LibraryThing social was a big success. Our friends at Bookmooch graciously allowed us piggyback on their weekly event, and, not surprisingly, membership overlapped a lot.

Many of the LibraryThing members were experiencing Second Life for the first time and arrived late and a little bewildered. (One also arrived naked, having taken off her clothes by mistake and finding it impossible to put them back on again.) We chatted about books and Second Life, and played with and admired the area. I gave out free LibraryThing t-shirts and made people “head boxes,” which float above your head showcasing one of your favorite books. (It’s basically a Second Life LibraryThing book widget—one we hope to make dynamic soon.)

The event ended by a number of members jumping to Info Island, the main library area on Second Life. After getting caught building things without permission, we ran into Lorelei Junot, the administrator there, who gave us a small but very central spot to build on.

Now, what do we do there? John, Abby and I have a lot on our plate right now, so we’re calling on members to help plan and develop our Second Life presence. I think the center of it should be widgets of some sort, not beautiful empty building. (Info Island is so built up that Lorelei was only able to allocate some 91 “prims” to build with, a very small number, but as Jason Fried says, “embrace constraints.”)

Come join the new Second Life group to let us know.

Pictures from the day:

Sitting at the picnic table together, wearing LibraryThing and Bookmooch t-shirts. Justin and I have head boxes. Bucky Tone (the Bookmooch founder John Buckman) faces the camera and hoists a champagne glass.

Shiva999 shows off her new bunny avatar, which does a very funny dance.

Two hours in it’s mostly LibraryThing people, dressed and undressed. Here we are gathering for a group picture.

Lorelei shows us the new LibraryThing plot.

Justin and I drinking next to the “coming-soon” obelisk.

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