Saturday, January 6th, 2007

We’re hiring a sysadmin/DBA

We just added a web developer—anouncement coming*—and we’re hiring again. This time we’re looking for a crackerjack systems and database administrator, ideally one based near Portland, Maine. (We can hope, can’t we?)

  • LibraryThing runs on Linux, PHP and MySQL 5 over a small cluster of servers located in Portland, ME.
  • You must have extensive experience in MySQL database administration.
  • You must be able to step into a high-volume site in transition and experiencing rapid growth.
  • You must be comfortable with rigorous demands of a startup and of sysadmin work.
  • Web development chops, love of books and knowledge of library systems valued.

We’re looking to fill a full-time position, but will also consider contractors, particularly if they’re in the area.

Salary and benefits negotiable. But I’ll tell you, you can see the sea from the LibraryThing headquarters and we’ve got gold-plated health and dental!

We’re looking to fill this soon, so act now. Contact tim[at] or call 207 899-4108.

*Hint: He’s been mentiond on the blog before…

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