Monday, January 15th, 2007

MLK day and new book pile contest

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day (the first since the death of his wife, the NYT reminds me), we announce a Black History Month bookpile contest.

Post your photos to Flickr, with the tag “LibraryThingBHM” by 3pm on Jan. 29th, and we’ll announce the winner on the blog on February 1st.

We have a whole bunch of bookpile contests queued up now, so if this one doesn’t strike your fancy, you can start preparing your piles for the upcoming celebration of 10 million books, Valentine’s Day, Women’s History Month, and more. We’re also always looking for ideas for contests, so send those along too (I’m perfectly willing to have a Groundhog day contest, for example, if anyone thinks they could pull together a book pile for that)!

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