Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

UnSuggester fallout

Our new anti-recommendation engine UnSuggester (blogged about below), has taken off in a weird way. Today was covered in everything from top-shelf library bloggers Tom Roper, Steven Abram and Karen Schneider (via ALA TechSource), to the bouncy, zippy, web-culture vlog MobuzzTV.

Here Mobuzzer Karina Stenquist explains the disconnect between Middlesex and The Passion of Jesus Christ: Fifty reasons he came to die. Karina did something on us before and—I’m sorry—she’s great.

I love everything people are saying about it, with big discussions here and on various blogs, mosty people strive to find the oddest, funniest unsuggestions. My favorite blog discussion came off a short note by “Fontana Labs” (a philosophy professor?) on Unfogged, and is now past 120 comments. Much of it came from the proposal:

“There’s got to be some ultimately evil book out that that will generate the ideal library. Not The Bridges of Madison County, but like that.”

Speculation ensues, with the unsuggestions for Who moved my Cheese? much praised. I enjoyed this exchange:

“Sadly for Unfogged (but perhaps good for Western civilization) Who Moved My Cheese? For Kids, as perfectly soul-deadening a title as I’ve ever encountered, isn’t owned by enough LibraryThing users to produce results. …”

Who Moved My Cheese? For Kids. Oh my God, my soul just broke into three thousand tiny wretched pieces.”

Hey, I didn’t say it. De gustibus…

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