Thursday, November 16th, 2006

Bonjour SUDOC

LibraryThing now connects to SUDOC, the Système universitaire de documentation, a French union catalog of university libraries (see Wikipedia). SUDOC sports some seven million records—a huge boost to and Thingamabrarians with French books generally.

Three cheers to Nicomo for helping me on this. He found it, fiddled with YAZ and sent me the exact connection info. SUDOC is actually the first time I’ve managed to parse Unimarc. Solving that (mostly) opens the door to many other libraries. Nicomo, you’re a star!

Speaking of French, my family has a non-English-speaking Frenchman over to Thanksgiving. My French is extremely rusty, but I’m thinking I can jog my memory by listening to some simple conversations, news reports and especially vocabulary lists while I work. Any suggestions?

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