Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

100 LibraryThing Authors *

The 100th author to become a LibraryThing Author is Elizabeth Bear / matociquala, author of Hammered, and others. Congratulations to Elizabeth, who gets a free gift account for her lucky timing.

The LibraryThing Authors program, which we launched at the end of May, highlights authors who are also members of LibraryThing. The idea is that readers would love to see what their favorite author has in his or her own personal library.

Authors catalog their books (they have to enter at least 50) and then are given a special shiny yellow button, linking their personal profile with their author page. It gives readers a window into authors’ tastes, and authors a great new way to connect with their readers.

We’ve gotten a very positive response, and our list includes Rosina Lippi / greenery (who also writes under Sara Donati), Lisa Carey / axel, David Louis Edelman / DavidLouisEdelman, and many more.

Know anyone else who should be a LT Author? Send them my way! Tell your favorite author, your friends, your publishers, your pets…

*Don’t worry, when we hit 99 authors, I did start singing “take one down, pass it around…”

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