Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Thing-ology: Our new “ideas” blog

Announcing a new LibraryThing blog, Thing-ology.

For a while now, Abby and I have been itching to do more “ideas” posts, a place to work through what we’re thinking and learning every day. We want to talk directly about Web 2.0, Library 2.0, tags, social networking, user-driven cataloging, suggestion algorithms, web application development and all the other meaty stuff that LibraryThing raises. We also want a more blog-to-blog interaction, where we can notice interesting posts by John Blyberg, Steve Cohen or David Weinberger. Something like that would be out of place on the LibraryThing blog, where people expect the blog to notice what’s happening with the site, not wax philosophical about FRBR.

Now we can wax. We’re splitting the blog into two parts: the LibraryThing Blog (this) and Thing-ology. I’m going to have the lead on this one, Abby on the other.

In a few hours I’lll be going live with a big new feature with some consequences for information-theory debates. I’ll talk about the feature here, and Abby will talk about some of the implications over there.

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