Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

Power Edit powers up

The Power Edit feature, which allows you to change books in batches, has been improved. I added:

  • Alphabetize tags. A few people have been hounding me for this. The idea is to turn “dogs, zebras, apes” into “apes, dogs, zebras.” If you want it, you want it.
  • Delete books. Want to delete a whole bunch of books? Your whole catalog. Here you go.
  • Find ISBN duplicates (under “Miscellaneous powers” or click here to do it). This is another long-running desideratum—to know your duplicates (and get rid of them). You’ll see how it works if you use it.

In addition to the new features, Power Edit no longer shows 100 books at a time. What seemed a feature—showing all books—turns into a monster when you have thousands of them. As a side bonus, the regular “list view” now allows 100 books too; go to “change fields” to select it.

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