Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Zeitgeist gets weirder

I’ve added some more statistics to the Zeitgeist page. I describe them below, and my opinion comes free!

50 Top taggers. Time to get recognized for your tagging. Carminowe has 23,000 tags!

50 Top-rated authors. I find this a bit ho-hum. Who are these people? And as for Anna Akhmatova—I guess if you like her, you like her.

50 Lowest-rated author. Why do people own books they hate? One factor is clearly “assigned books”—Hegel, Kant and Heidegger; partisans love them, but there are a lot of copies out there that have been flung across the room the night before the final exam. I think August Derleth falls under the category “completist disappointment.” Lovecraft fans feel compelled to own him, but he just isn’t that good. I don’t understand Catherine Coulter and Candace Bushnell. As far as Claude Levi-Strauss goes, what’s wrong with you people! 😉

Top 25 long tags. The top tags seems very monosyllabic, but LibraryThing users are fond of longer, descriptive tags. This is a sampling of tags of at least 25 letters.

This was “interstice” programming—the stuff I can get done between diaper changes. I’m just mining the database in interesting ways, not doing fundamentally new work. But more major changes are on the way. Suggestions, comments, attempts to persuade me that Akhmatova is great and Levi-Strauss bad are all encouraged.

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