Saturday, February 25th, 2006

‘Twas the night before LibraryThing

I wanted to take a second to highlight an interesting use of LibraryThing. LibraryThing user _Celeste_ collects editions of the Clement Clarke Moore‘s “A Visit From St. Nicholas,” better known as “The Night Before Christmas.” Putting her collection online helps her—and the friends and family members who scout for her—keep track and avoid duplicates. In addition to putting her collection online, _Celeste_ has also added her own covers. (Needless to say, most of her copies are not available on Amazon.) Arrayed together, they are a pretty cool sight, and a monument to one collector’s dedication. It would be great if more collectors put their collections and covers on LibraryThing. Old covers have a low profile on the internet because nobody has much of a financial stake in them, and there isn’t anywhere central to “put” them. LibraryThing can be that place.

Check out The Night Before Christmas for most of the editions. Scroll WAAAY down to see her covers. Not all the editions have been combined into the master “work” (not should they), so also check out her dedicated tag and the books in her catalog. Great stuff.

The library came to my attention when Celeste reported problems with her 100 copies sending “shared book” stats through the roof. I’ve revisted how these are calculated. Profiles now list both the number of works and the number of books, if different. I’ve also brought back the “Shared books” box for all users’ profiles, not just yours.

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