Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

LAMP hackers?

Earlier on this blog I called for a Flash programmer. A blog reader found me one. (The new Flash-based widget will be coming out soon.) Now I’m looking for a LAMP guy—Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, particularly the MySQL part of that—to help me with some scaling issues. Is that you? Do you know her?

I have some limited and particular problems now (eg., the slow query log). But I could see this evolving into something more steady. I can pay a low-decent hourly, and you’d have the pleasure of working on something cool.

Bonus points for living in Portland, ME or Boston, MA. But I suppose this doesn’t matter these days.

Update: The widgets are back up again. They were responsible for a lot of the speed problems. I had no idea how often they were getting requested! Fortunately, the code had a lot of room for speed optimization.

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