Thursday, January 19th, 2006

1.5 million books and 2 million tags

LibraryThing has hit 1.5 million books cataloged and 2 million tags, all since August 29.

What used to be a straight line of 9,000/day has become a bending curve—gulp! Even so the site pretty-much stayed up today. The database isn’t out of the woods yet, but it’s in better shape. You’ll see some stutters, but downtime should be minimal and I’ll be getting a second server for some of the “thinking.”

Some other updates:

  • Profile pages now show ten random books from the user’s library. People were doing this with widgets, but that presented some security problems and also looked bad with the new design. I will probably add the ability to customize what people see (most recently-read books, and so forth).
  • Acquisition, started and finished dates have been added. This feature hasn’t been extended everywhere—eg., you can’t use it in a widget. That will come soon. You can enter dates in North American or European format, but the catalog currently only shows them in the righ—um, North American—way.
  • I added a statistic to the Zeigeist page listing the “50 ‘completist’ authors.” These are authors that, if you have one of their books, you have a lot. Think people who collect every single Agatha Christie, although the actual authors may surprise you. To qualify the author needs to be read by at least 100 users. Come to think about it, I could do a statistic for whose library is the most “completist.” I am quite sure that a science fiction fan would win.

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