Monday, December 19th, 2005

Upload your own book covers

Use your own book covers. By popular request, I’ve added a feature to let users add their own book covers. You can upload covers from your hard drive or by providing a URL.

The feature is available from a book’s card, edit or social view. Underneath the present cover there’s a link for “change cover image.” At present, you can only upload covers to your own books, and the covers remain yours and yours alone. I’m working on the “big project”—user-determined editioning. When I get that working I’ll also provide the ability to snag and share covers when appropriate.

Here are some covers I found for books that didn’t have any. If you don’t have scans, Google is a good way to find them. Often Barnes and Noble or the publisher has a cover when Amazon does not. For now, I’ve left the feature open for all to use. If people abuse it with non-cover images, I’ll have to restrict it to paid members.

Profile improvements. You’ll also note that the image-uploading in your profile has been improved. Huge pictures are now shrunk, and a handy “view larger” link. A few photos got lost in the process—my apologies. If this happened to you, please be so kind as to upload the image again.

Review improvements. Reviews are now dated and sorted by date. I’m working on an RSS feed for reviews of books you have.

“Returning to catalog.” I changed the way the system handles it when you jump from your catalog into a book. The point is to “keep your place” in the catalog, no matter how many jumps you make between books. The previous system had various bugs. The new one is conceptually much cleaner, but may have some bugs too. Let me know if you find any.

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  1. John Talintyre says:

    Sometimes when I upload a cover I get a blank page. URL or latest was suspect it’s a failed error message telling me the file is too big, but I’m not clear what size is preferred.

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