Thursday, December 15th, 2005

LibraryThing contest (not mine)

I love the way the blogosphere goes in strange directions. So, the LibraryThing book pile contest ended. The top-winner (there were six in all), lucytartan, won two lifetime memberships. As she just posted, she’s decided she’s going to hold her own contest to give them away, one at each one of the group-blogs she writes for. Quoting her:

At The Valve the contest is “tell us your best library anecdote.”
At Larvatus Prodeo, the contest is “tell us about your favourite book.”

So there’s a plug for her blogs. I swear, I didn’t know any of this until she told me.

Lucytartan got hers for artful photography, but I’m open to giving free memberships if other popular blogs want to run contests. Send me an email with your idea. I could use the exposure and the site gets more valuable with every book added. (No it’s not going to become completely free; I got needs, needs!)

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