Friday, December 16th, 2005

Four improvements

Searching someone else’s library. You can once again search someone else’s library or tags from their catalog. You can do this with your own too. The search itself is still sub-optimal (eg., not indexing 3-letter words). That’s next up.

See more now the default. Some users discovered that if you clicked “see more” you’d get more information and buttons within your catalog, including the number of users per book and a delete button. But most never users never played with it, and missed out. I decided to remove the button and turn the feature on all the time. I think it’s better. It’s simpler and seeing at a glance how many user have one of your books is just plain fun. As for the delete, that’ll cut an hour off my weekly email load…

To make an omlette, you have to break some eggs. I got rid of the your review icon, which indicated when you had reviewed a book. It added clutter without much funtionality. To check what books you’ve reviewed, go to the profile and see your reviews page.

Widget now shows random books for tags. A user asked for it, and I like to please. You can now make a widget that shows a random book, but only within a given tag.

Related tags improved. I changed how related tags are computed and ordered. The old way surfaced too many popular tags, like fiction and read at the expense of less common but more juicy ones. Take the tag vampires. The old system kicked off with the unhelpful fiction and fantasy tags, and includes others like romance and read high up. The new way exposes the pale white neck of tagging: vampire, horror, anita blake and buffy. Check out the difference between the old and new science tag.

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