Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Flash developer wanted!

I’m looking to make a new, better LibraryThing blog widget. Have you seen those Flickr badges? I’ve got one over on the right, although it may not work*. If it’s not working, here’s a verbal description: The badge presents a grid of small photographs that come and go dynamically and randomly. From time to time a square of four photos fades out and is replaced by a larger photo, which then shrinks back to full one of the small squares. You can click on a photo at any time to jump to Flickr’s page for that photo.

Anyway, I’d like to do something similar for LibraryThing books—a Flash-based dynamic widget. It need not act like the Flickr badge at all, but it should be dynamic and fun—a little moving window into someone’s library. I would handle the server end.

I’m open to different ways of doing this. If there was enough interest I’d do a contest or sponsor an open-source project. But I lean toward a straight contract job at market rates. Rather than post the job somewhere, I thought I’d start here. That way the money can go to someone who loves books as much as I do.

What do people think of my plan? How do you think a dynamic widget should work? Are you interested in the job? Do you know anyone who might be interested?

* It’s trying to show all the public photos tagged “librarything,” but it just shows “no such photos.” For the life of me I can’t figure out why it’s not working. The process is simplicity itself—I CAN’T be doing it wrong. Does anyone know what’s wrong here? Maybe it’s just a server issue and it’ll be working soon.

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