Wednesday, December 28th, 2005

Edit tags from within your catalog! (it’s Ajax-tastic)

I’ve made a new feature to make tagging your books easier. You can now edit the tags within your catalog without having to “go into” each book individually.

The tag list now includes a link to “edit.”

Click “edit” and type your changes into the box that pops up. When you submit it both changes the screen and the database without leaving or refreshing the page.

“Ajax-tastic”? Programming and “Web 2.0” junkies will recognize this as “Ajax,” a term that is supposed to mean “Asynchronous JavaScript and XML” but has come to mean “changing the page without refreshing it” or “acting more like a desktop ap.” Expect to see more of this sort of thing.

Bugs? As with most new features, my ears are open for problems. I tested it, but not on every possible browser/OS combination (memo to self: buy ten computers). And people end up doing things I never anticipated. So, for the next day or so, treat it as a beta feature. Don’t change 100 tags without checking whether the edits are “sticking.”

Ideas? In theory, I could make every field editable this way. But I’m concerned about a cluttered user interface. What do you think?

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