Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Universal Import files—and now web pages!

Universal Import is now truly universal. It accepts both files and web pages. I’ve successfully tested it with:

  • Delicious Library, Readerware, Book Collector
  • Amazon (Wishlists, Listmania, past orders), Barnes and Noble, Booksense
  • Bibliophil (export or URL), BookCrossing, Reader2, Listal, What Should I Read Next
  • Home-brewed text files
  • Mumbling ISBNs near your computer, rotary telephone or toaster

See the post below for more on how it works. Again, it won’t fetch your comments, the date you bought something or track down books without ISBNs, but it should do most of what you want most of the time. If you have problems, be specific about them. Go ahead and send me files and URLs.

Let me know if you end up drawing books from a site I haven’t mentioned. I’m keen to add it to the list.

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