Friday, October 21st, 2005

Suggestions, duplicates and yellow rows

Book-by-book suggestions have improved.

Users with lots of duplicates—mostly from bad imports—were slanting things terribly. I knew this when my novelist wife’s books—hint! hint!—all came up with Spidering Hacks as the top suggestion. This came about because I have multiple copies of both her novels and Spidering Hacks, and do not represent their content. Screening out duplicates has also been applied to profiles. There are some other places where it needs to be applied. Duplicates will soon be a negligible issue. Hooray, I say.

Why are some rows yellow?

Users with duplicates will notice that some books show up with yellow rows. This is just temporary—in the future you will be able to either show the duplicates this way, show just the duplicates or ignore whether a book is a duplicate. It’s as far as I got: “Wallace and Gromit” trump feature addition, at least until later this evening!

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