Friday, October 21st, 2005

Book suggestions, library suggestions, new membership structure

I’ve added library suggestions for everyone as well as book recommendations for all books with three or more owners. Both are based on the same “people who own this also own that” algorithm. The library suggestion beta testers are split between those who thought it amazing and those who found it useless; it seems particularly good at guessing the second half of a partially-entered library. As for the book recommendations, I find them randomly either much better or much worse than Amazon’s.

Both features will get better as new books are added, but feedback is still much desired.

In other news, LibraryThing had graduated from the initial $10/lifetime plan. The new structure is $10 for a year’s membership and $25 for a lifetime membership. Those who have already paid their $10 were, of course, converted to “lifetime” status—my thanks for getting LibraryThing off the ground! This change will guarantee LibraryThing stays around for years to come.

PS: I made some final tweaks to the suggestion algorithm, and erased all the old reports. Incidentally, you may regenerate the report one per day. That gives me 24 hours to add that feature…

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