Saturday, September 10th, 2005

Press that card icon again!

Some new features.

  • Formerly the icon just gave you the Library of Congress record. If you wanted to know a given book’s ISBN you had to switch display styles. This was clunky, and not everyone got it (eg., my sister complained that LibraryThing only recorded author and title!). Now you can click on the card icon to get all the fields, a larger version of the cover AND the LC card.
  • The screen also gives you Amazon links. I need to include links back to Amazon if I’m going to use their API, and I think non-flashy links are a service of sorts. Yes, I get a 5% commission. I plan to take than commission and buy a cup of coffee every week.
  • In addition to the icon, which adds someone else’s book to your library, books you already have are marked with a plus icon . I’ve kept the icon, which tells you others have the item (but not necessarily you).
  • When you click to someone’s catalog, it now defaults to sorting by “sharedness” (thing you also have first, followed by things others have).

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