Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Book reviews added

I originally designed the “comments” field to hold information like “slight scratching; given to me by Bunny.” But people started putting reviews in, some many reviews. Others, such as dhamell wanted a place to stick URLs to a blog review.

So, in addition to “comments” there is now a field for “reviews.” These reviews can be seen on the catalog pages, but there’s a more efficient way.

Before the change books were designated either or , indicating whether other people owned it or not. These are now replaced by and if the book is reviewed by at least one person. Click the button to see both the “social information” (who has it) and the reviews. I should probably also have a special icon indicating when you’ve reviewed it (ie., a hot pink bubble?). Icons make me happy.

There’s one complication. Before I distinguished between comments and reviews LibraryThing users added over 3,000 comments. I briefly considered trying to separate them myself. Instead, in a day or so there will be a page where you can select the comments that are reviews and move them over.

Let me know what you think. I’m all ears.

PS: We’re over 60,000. From now on I’ll only announce multiples of 25,000.

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