Thursday, September 22nd, 2005

175,000 books / calling all PHP and MySQL programmers!

We’ve hit 175,000 books, with no slowdown in sight. The time has come for me to consider a book database of a quarter of a million, half a million, a million or more.

It’s time to ask for advice. Programming PHP/MySQL for thousands of records is just different from doing it for millions. (Even if the books don’t hit a million, the tag database will.) I’ve been reading everything I can on enterprise-scale database optimization, but I lack hands-on experience. There’s a million things I can do, but I don’t have a relative sense of their costs and benefits. It’s also hard to “test” solutions—just building the search index took an hour, during which time LibraryThing was completely unavailable.

So, I’m not too proud to ask! Praise, free accounts and gift accounts are available.

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