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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

TOR Early Reviewer books!

Wow! Added to the already expanded batch of Early Reviewer books for this month, we have three books from the publisher Tor! That means we’re up to 87 different titles and like a bazillion copies available to you, for free, to review.

See, what happened was I asked the Early Reviewers what publishers they’d like to see in Early Reviewers. They gave me their wish lists, and at the top of lots of them was Tor! Tor! Tor! So, I asked Tor to ask if they had any books they’d like to offer. They said “Sure!”

So, if you enjoy reviewing books,  like free books (if you read this blog, I bet you do) and dig awesome sci-fi/fantasy, you might want to request one of these books.

See all of the Early Reviewers books

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