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Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Welcome Jeremy!

On January third LibraryThing will welcome a new employee: Jeremy Dibbell (member JBD1).

Jeremy is well-known to the LibraryThing community as the leader of the Legacy Library and Libraries of Early America, which he’s been coordinating since 2008.

Jeremy will be taking on our newly created “social media” job. He will coordinate the Early Reviewers program, State of the Thing, LibraryThing for Publishers, LibraryThing for Authors, our Facebook and Twitter presence, and everything else involving member projects and outreach. We’re going to take advantage of his particular knowledge of rare books and historical books, through outreach to these communities and the development of new features for them.

Jeremy’s job is comprehensive and global. He’s here to fix what’s ailing, shut down what isn’t worth it, and organize and create the things that will carry us forward.

Jeremy has two masters from Simmons College, one in Library Science and another in History–the exact same combination Abby has. We stole him from a job at the Massachusetts History Society, where he was an Assistant Reference Librarian, and worked on much of their social media, editing the blog and creating the John Quincy Adams Twitter diary.

We wanted to hire Jeremy the instant he indicated he might be available. I’ve myself have known him for a couple years now, and have developed enormous respect for his intelligence and dilligence. We already have a good working relationship, from Legacy Libraries and other projects. I can’t wait to work with him fulltime.

Jeremy will start work on January third, jumping into a lot of open issues and a mailbox that’s already full.(1) On the seventh he’ll be flying off to San Diego with Abby for the Midwinter meeting of the American Library Association. If you’re going, be sure to say hi him.

1. How cruel is that?

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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

$1,000 Indie bookstore spree for a Maine-based PHP hacker

As LibraryThing learns again and again, hiring hackers in Maine is hard. So we’re renewing our offer—find us an employee and get $1,000 worth of books. 

Skills. We’re looking for a smart, capable, passionate hacker/programmer. We work primarily in PHP and JavaScript, with some Python thrown in. We use a lot of MySQL. We have a startup mentality.
I’ve given up on listing skills and requirements. We want someone who will kicks ass immediately or very soon after the hire. The rest is window-dressing.
We are only looking for someone in or around Portland, Maine. If you’re super-excited about working for LibraryThing from home, go ahead and send a resume, but it’ll go in a different pile.

$1,000 for an Indie. With southern Maine losing bookstores fast, we want the money to, well, keep ‘em here. So, the winner gets a $1,000 gift certificate to Longfellow Books, Books, Etc. or any other independent bookseller, new or used. If you’re not local, we’ll write the check to your local indie. 

Rules. To qualify, you need to connect us to someone. Either you introduce them to us—and they follow up with a resume and etc.—or they mention your name in their email (“So-and-so told me about LibraryThing”). You can recommend yourself, but if you found out about it on someone’s blog, we hope you’ll do the right thing and make them the beneficiary.

Small print: Our decision is final, incontestable, irreversible and completely dictatorial. It only applies when an employee is hired for a full-time salary job, not part-time, contract or for a trial period (which we often do first). If we don’t hire someone for the job, we don’t pay. The contact must happen in the next month. If we’ve already heard of or from the candidate, or the situation is otherwise unclear, we may split the money up. Void where prohibited. You pay taxes, and the hidden tax of shelving. Tim Spalding and his family are not eligible, but other LibraryThing employees are.

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