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Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Tim’s notes on ALA 2007

I never finished my big sum-up of the American Library Association annual conference, so I thought I’d turn it into a “notes on ALA” post.

I had HUGE fun at the BIGWIG Social Software Showcase, an informal, underground “unconference” for “Lib2.0″ folks to present short presentations. I gave a short one on LibraryThing for Libraries. Michael Porter of WebJunction/OCLC, who did a great presentation on the Facebook API, and I got into a boistrous debate on LibraryThing, librarians and non-librarians, commercial vs. non-commercial entites and OCLC’s closed data policies. Here, David Free, Michael Habib and Kevin Clair look on as I try to intimidate Michael with my extra-large hands (photo by rachelvacek). But we ended up friendly. And, since then, whenever I mention his name, the person I’m talking to blurts out “Oh, he’s a nice guy!” Anyway, it’s clear that if OCLC is the Death Star, he’s a civilian contractor.

Talk. I did a RUSA MARS talk on tags, libraries and social networking. I posted my introduction last week. My favorite quote was this one from Hidden Peanuts:

“Tim Spalding’s presentation was jaw dropping. I’ve played with LibraryThing before, but only a little bit. I had no idea of how deep its current functionality goes.”

But in twenty minutes I didn’t get to be clear about where subjects work and where tags work. Mostly I just did examples where they worked. I think that was a factor in this post.

“On the negative side, I overheard some people chatting as I was waiting in line in the rest room the they were unhappy with Tim’s criticism of Library of Congress Subject Headings.”

Mini photo gallery. Jason Griffey opening the BIGWIG thing. Tim falling off the surfboard meant to demonstrate ALA Anaheim. Abby enjoying cheese fondue. (Cafe La Rouche, a favorite haunt when I was in Georgetown, has great cheese fondue!) Cell phones take bad pictures, so they’re not clickable.

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Friday, June 29th, 2007

Find LibraryThing an employee, get $1,000 worth of books.

See the main blog post.

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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo

TED talk: Jaw-dropping Photosynth demo. Photos from Flickr become a 3-D space. Gadzooks! (hat-tip Talis)

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Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

ALA 2007: Tim and Abby’s Excellent Adventure

If you’re in Washington, DC going to the American Library Association conference, Abby and I hope to see you around. We don’t have a booth, but I’m on panels today and tomorrow:

*BIGWIG Social Software Showcase, 1:30-2:30 Saturday
*RUSA MARS: Harnessing the Hive: Social Networks in Libraries (10:30-12:00 Sunday), with Meredith Farkas and Matthew Bejune

And Abby and I are wandering the hall in our LibraryThing t-shirts (Tim: black; Abby: yellow), meeting people, crashing happy hours, etc.

Update: Come to “Participatory Networks: Libraries as Conversation” 10:30-12:00 (WCC Room 143B) today (Saturday). It’s almost blank in the program, but it’s a top and extremely interesting guy at Second Life—memo to self: put cards in wallet, not pants pocket.

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Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Cutest library catalog

Surely the cutest library catalog ever: (hat-tip Kate).

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

1pm Abby talking at BEA / NYC Meetup

If you’re at BEA this week—and what book-industry type is not?*—come check out Abby, LibraryThing’s first hire and Head Librarian give a short talk on Thursday at 1pm.

Also, she’s organizing a get-together in NY. Friday night at 6:30, anyone and everyone—BEAers or not—is invited to meet up at The Half King Bar & Restaurant (505 W 23rd Street).**

Abby’s speaking alongside representatives from HarperCollins, Grand Central Publishing, MySpace and Gather. The topic is “Using Social Networking to Build Author Brands.”

She’s going to outline what LibraryThing is all about, and how authors and publishers are using it. But LibraryThing is something different—more? less?—than “social networking” and “author brands” is one of those bloodless, push-push, container-shipping phrases that obscure what’s really going on. Readers don’t connect with “author brands” anymore than passionate lovers connect with “lover brands.” Social networking–or social cataloging–is about real connections. Brands are to real connections what television is to telephone.

Anyway, quibble aside, I’m sure it’ll be a great panel.

*That would be me. I’m on a 1×3-mile island off of Ireland. Really.
**The Half King is apparently a very literary place—they have readings every Monday night, and it’s co-owned by Sebastian Junger. If his place is full of LibraryThing-ers, surely he’ll become a LibraryThing author.

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Monday, May 28th, 2007

Bad news from Bookland

Two depressing stories:

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Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Excellent: David Weinberger at Google

David Weinberger went to Google and did his Everything is Miscellaneous talk. It’s now posted. Unlike all the other talks I’ve seen—David has a dozen or so here and there on the web—they preserved the David’s inimitable, often hysterical, “slides.”

Recommended—no essential—watching for librarians, information architects and so forth.

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Friday, May 25th, 2007

LibraryThing bests Vanatu

I get a lot of LinkedIn requests. Today’s came with a factoid:

Fact: More people have joined LinkedIn than live in Sweden.

According to this website, that means LinkedIn has more than 9,001,800 members. Which leads me to the following LibraryThing factoids:

Fact: More people have joined LibraryThing than live in Vanuatu.

Vanatu, baby, Vanatu. Not some teeny-weeny place like Tonga, Andorra or Liechtenstein. Vanatu!

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes, Linnaeus

It’s his 300th birthday.

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